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  • Carbon fiber linkage prosthetic knee with low profile proximal height and semi-automatic lock. Ideal for Activity level 1&2 users with long residual limbs.

    • Low profile linkage format
    • SAKL with left or right thigh release
    • 125° knee flexion
    • Proximal dome socket attachment
    • 35mm distal clamp
  • The Endolite ESK+ with weight activated stance control and Stanceflex, offers a safe and smooth gait for moderately active Level 1-3 users. The pneumatic swing control may be adjusted to suit the individual and set for regular up to dynamic walking pace.

    • Weight activated adjustable stance control
    • Pneumatic swing phase
    • Stanceflex
    • 140° of knee flexion
  • Secure knee joint for use where locked knee extension is preferred. The lock is released for sitting and then locks automatically when the knee is fully extended.

    • Will unlock without toe load
    • Rotatable pyramid for ease of alignment
    • Low-profile semi-automatic lock
    • Audible lock engagement for safety
  • Polycentric locking knee, which folds away for a low profile cosmetic line when sitting. The knee can be set to operate as either a SAKL for maximum security or an MKL where the user might be able to utilise the swing function in appropriate settings.

    • Compact low-profile polycentric locking knee
    • Good sitting cosmesis
    • Can be set as a S.A.K.L., M.K.L or free knee
    • Socket adaptors provide range of set up options
    • Geometric lock at heel strike (when set in free knee)
    • Adjustable extension assist spring
    • Adjustable geometry to reposition I.C.R
  • Kne KX06 £40,948.00

    The KX06 is a unique polycentric prosthetic knee with hydraulic swing and stance control. It is designed for the most demanding physical activity of level 3 & 4 users. The geometric and hydraulic combination draws on the best functionality of each to enhance the overall gait smoothness on all terrain.

    • Polycentric knee with hydraulic swing and stance or swing only
    • 160° knee flexion
    • Water resistant design
    • Variable cadence
    • Mode switch for cycling
    • Multiple proximal adapter choices
    • Distal pyramid
  • A robust, compact, single axis prosthetic knee for activity level 3 & 4 users. The Mercury’s tough frame and hydraulic swing and stance control meet the demands of the most active lifestyles.

    • Tough carbon fiber frame
    • Long life needle roller bearings
    • Reinforced hydraulic unit
    • Variable cadence
    • Mode switch for cycling
    • Durable urethane kneeler pad
    • Compact design
  • Kne Orion2 £105,757.00

    The ORION2 uses Motion Integrated Intelligence (Mi2) to give users more security, modes for cycling and restful standing and the best progressive speed control yet. Its sensors measure knee action in real time and respond to the input sensor data better because the ORION2 increases the hydraulic support as the knee flexion angle increases ensuring stability.

    • Suitable for Level 3 activity
    • Fixed Angle Lock at any angle up to 45°
    • New Deep Yield for enhanced ramp and stairs support
    • Progressive speed control
    • Microprocessor swing and stance control
    • Cycling mode for free knee operation
    • Knee flexion to 130°
    • Choice of laptop or Smart Programming

    Les mer om Orion2

  • Kne SmartIP £50,357.00

    The SmartIP microprocessor controlled knee employs intelligent programming technology that dynamically programs the knee to optimum swing settings for the individual Level 3 activity user, reducing the amount of energy expended by trans-femoral prosthesis users. The weight activated stance control provides an adjustable smooth and yielding transition at toe off.

    • Comfortable gait from very slow to very fast walking speeds
    • Smoother speed progression because of enhanced program
    • Weight activated stance control
    • Stanceflex option improves comfort
    • Battery life expectancy 9-12 months under normal usage
    • 140° knee flexion

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